Featured Zibbeter!!!!

Tyler and I received a care package in the mail today from Mrs. Carolyn of GrandmothersHouse.    She sent Tyler (whom is now an official R&D member of her team) a Ben the Boo Boo Buster.     Tyler is almost 9 months old and he became sick with his first cold and double ear infection.    That is why she sent Ben to Tyler.

This little bear is soooo cute and soft. It smells great too, it is scented with cinnamon.    Tyler absolutely loves it, he liked squeezing it with his little hands and hearing the crunchy noice the rice filler makes. :-)  
30 seconds is long enough to warm up this bear in the microwave and it doesn't get too hot.    It is very soothing and stays warm for at least 30 minutes.

I know Ben the Boo Boo Buster is going to get a lot of use in this family.

Thank you soo much Mrs. Carolyn!!! We really appreciate your love and support.

So those of you who read this, go check out GrandmothersHouse on Zibbet.  There are a lot of cute items in her shop!!!
Here's a pic of Ben the Boo Boo Buster

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